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Kieslect KIEGM100 Wireless Gamepad for PS4, PS3, PC and Android TV

Kieslect KIEGM100 Wireless Gamepad for PS4, PS3, PC and Android TV
The Kieslect Wireless Gamepad is made for PlayStation, X-Box and PC. The Kieslect Wireless Gamepad for PS4 and PC has input power rate of 5V = 800 mA. The gamepad uses built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. It works on 3.7 Voltage and a battery capacity of 1000 mAh.

Stable Connection, Fast Pairing
Adopting the high-efficiency smart chip ARM cortex A53 quad, start laying right after getting the gamepad on your hands with 2.4 GHZ wireless connection, with stable connection, fast paring, no stuck, no delay. Keep you fighting smoothly.

Dual vibration feedback motors
Discover a new level of feedback you can feel with the hit. collision and explosio in games that support vibration feedback. enjoy a real-time and realistic gaming experience.

Rechargeable Lithium-lon Battery
Play in total comfort. Great new With a matte White finish and gloss accents. The smooth touch and the arc Of the grip that fits the wrist bring a long and comfortable gaming experience.

Precision Direction Control
Joystick realizes 360-degree global precise positioning, avoiding misoperation caused by finger Shaking. Sensitive buttons deliver 0.02s real-time and efficient synchronization and fast response overall experience.

Wide Compatibility
Matching with smartphones, tablets, PC and PS4, PS3 gaming devices, deeply supports the steam game, IOS, delivering a consistent and universal gaming experience.

Precise Direction Change
The cross key of the controller adopts the U-face close contact design, ensuring that the gap around the keys is even and the direction key control more flexible.

Controls at Your Finger Tips
You Can also use the touchpad to experience drag, drop, slide, mufti-point simultaneous input, and more operations for pleasure. Capture, Save and Share the game snippets, one-click screenshot to capture your highlight moment by the share button. Take your immersive gameplay without worrying about disturbing others. A personalized light bar can intuitively display game characters and physical strength in time.

3,500 L

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